I have a passion for cars. I love to drive and  discover cars. That’s why I’m developing new cars – all kind of machines. Some uses less than a litre of fuel for 100 km. Others take 100l on the same distance. Lately they run on batteries – sometimes – often on fuel and others on batteries only.

Some you can buy, some you could buy, some you will never be able to buy.

And because that’s not enough about cars in my live, I love racing. Especially endurance races. For 20 years part of a team at the Nürburgring 24hrs in leading position.

From 7.oo on Saturday morning until midnight on Sunday – 40hrs awake. You can feel every single bone in your body, you are tired, exhausted and there is a point were you hate it – again. But the following days it comes back. Slowly, when you are laying in the tub or taking a hot shower to relax the muscles. It’s crawling up your body, there is no word for it, but you know it and the next moment you are already missing it. You can’t wait, when do we have to pack our bags?

That’s passion, love and sillyness – but it is good!

My dream is Le Mans!

That’s why I do all the analysis on my page. I love to read a race, to feel gaps and getting a taste of advantages and disadvantages of a team and their machine.

You know exactly what I mean? Welcome, be my guest!